About Us

BIMQuote Corporation is making new residential development, design & construction better for everyone involved. Our mission is to make it as simple to design & construct a new home on vacant land as it is to buy an existing home, while becoming the construction-technologist for the small, localized businesses which largely construct them.

Our customers on BIMQuote.com & Customhome.ai kept asking us if we “had any lots,” that were pad ready. After going through 1000’s of land listings & multiple websites we realized that there was a massive hole in the marketplace for identifying land that was build ready.

Therefore, we began working with local realtors, developers & owners to list their pad-ready lots on infilld.com.

We also found in our search & syndication efforts that the number of lots that are build ready was much too small for the housing challenges we currently face as a nation. Therefore, we created the BIMQuote Real Estate LP – an open fund we utilize to acquire undeveloped infill lots to make them pad ready.