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Our goal is to make residential development, design & construction better for everyone involved.

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Common Questions We Get, Answered.

Infilld only lists pad-ready residential real estate.

What is the BIMQuote Real Estate LP?

We created the BIMQuote Real Estate LP to help create build ready land inventory. We are focused on creating pad-ready residentially zoned lots in secondary markets.

Why do we only list residentially zoned properties?

INFILLD is owned by BIMQuote Corporation.
BIMQuote’s mission is to make it as simple to design & construct a new home on vacant land as it is to buy an existing home; while becoming the construction-technologist for the small localized businesses which largely construct them. We built this site specifically for people who are ready to build a home now.

What is a pad ready lot?

Pad ready means the site is cleared and ready for the finished building slab. It means the access road is in. It means that all utilities are on the site. Not in the street! Temporary power, water & sewer stubbed to the site or a well septic system is installed .

What is an infill development?

Infill development is the process of developing vacant or under-used parcels within existing urban areas that are already largely developed.